Online vehicle registration facility
The Ministry of Public Works and Transport is developing an electronic vehicle registration system to be brought in by the end of this year, said Minister Sun Chanthol during the opening of a driver’s licence centre at Aeon Mall in June 2016.

Sun Chanthol said the new centre would help people obtain or extend their driver’s licences, taking only 15 to 20 minutes. Before, the process took up to three months, he said.

The Senior Minister said the ministry was currently researching electronic vehicle registration systems in other countries, such as Malaysia, Thailand and Germany.

“We are preparing the online system to provide good service for the people as the government leader wanted, and it is the provision of effective, transparent, fast service for the people,” he said.
Planning stage
The launch of automation system for delivering public service
To​​​ reduce administrative procedure, eliminate informal costs, and ensure transparency and confidence from the public,the ministry has created several automation systems made available from January 30,2017. Those systems include: vehicle technical inspection automation system, online vehicle registration systems, and online application for driving license. Moreover, there is an app available on smart phone for the public to learn about Cambodia driving rules.
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Vehicle identification card and driving license
The ministry has changed the form of cards for vehicle identification and driving license. The new card is said to be waterproof, resistance to torn, and has QR code to verify the accuracy of data. Moreover, affordable printers are installed in all provincial departments of one-window service and motorcycle shops. The owners are able to receive those cards on the spot.
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Technical working group to monitor modified vehicle
The Committee of the National Road Safety has created a technical working group to monitor any vehicles which have been illegally modified. The working group is to monitor and fine any vehicles that violate the law.
Decision 036
Transfer of ownership of vehicles
The ministry had streamlined procedures to make it easier for the citizens who could not identify the vehicles’ original owners. 8,488 cars and 2,241 motorbikes’ ownerships were successfully transferred with this special procedure as of July 12, 2016.
Remark of H.E Sun Chanthol
Democratic reform of sub-national administration
Transfer of (motorcycle, tricycle, and four-wheel motorcycle) registration function to 40 one-window services countrywide (as of December 29, 2016) at municipal, district, and communal level.
Functional transfer: 1. Technical features inspection of motorcycle, tricycle, and trailers. 2. Motorcycle, tricycle, and four-wheel motorcycle garage management. 3. Registration management​​ and technical inspection of ship and ferry.
Remark of H.E Sun Chanthol
Boat taxi and waterbus service
The ministry is conducting study on the capacity to provide boat taxi service and waterbus from Prek Pnov to Phnom Penh to Ta Kmao, and from Kean Svay to Phnom Penh.
Planning stage
Remark of H.E Sun Chanthol
QR barcodes on license plates
By the end of 2017, the Ministry of Public Works and Transport will put QR barcodes on license plates with the hope that it would help manage data, protect against fraud and make police investigations easier. With the barcodes, police can just scan the codes with mobile phone to get detailed information about the vehicle.
Khmer Times, June 23,2017